We stood in a runway of light

And that was just the beginning...

'I stood there on a mountain top in pitch darkness with 3 others watching a 1000 lights march up the hill and across the top, as we stood huddled together in a runway of light

This was just the beginning!

I think I realised then, anything is possible in this universe!'

It was a global Peace meditation - the Harmonic Convergence August 16th/17th 1987 - 4 of us camping by a stone circle on a mountain top, took provisions, decided to stay for another couple of days.

We'd began to notice feint columns of light around the hill as we looked out, in the daytime.  Also we noticed a buzzing sound coming out of a smaller stone set further outside the circle, almost like there was a bee hive in the stone? 

Sitting around a fire at night someone said they'd seen some strange lights, we all got up to investigate...kind of a little scared we stood huddled together and saw oval dark shapes continually flying across the sky!

We were getting more concerned, but it "felt' okay?  We were shouting 'LOOK AT THAT!' and 'WOW THATS AMAZING!' us pointing at the shapes as they whizzed by, we could'nt believe what we were seeing! - Then we noticed we were stood in a runway of light...

This literal 'runway of light' ran underneath and behind us to the main stone in the circle! we were just outside the circle.

By this time we felt like we were in a sort of calm/adrenylin type state, if there is one? with what we were seeing, It was all so unbelievable? and yet we saw it with our own eyes?

Looking to the right towards the next hill, we saw little lights moving up the side of the mountain? almost like there was 1000 people holding lights walking up the side of the hill and across the top? though that would've been 'physically impossible?'

We watched as the lights moved across the mountain, while the dark shapes continued to fly across the sky.

We then saw strobe ing white lights arching across standing up at ground level about 80 feet in front of us, like a crazy disco effect?

That's when we saw a single light in front of us about 20 feet up, which then fell to the ground and split into 3 lights!

We were 2 women and 2 men, the men kept saying they wanted to step into the lights?!
We were scared for them, tried to persuade them not to?...

We managed to stop them from investigating the lights...we were holding on to them...

'No, please dont!' we shouted!
In retrospect, I should've encouraged my 1st husband lol...

The dark ovals, lights on the hill, and the lights in front seemed to all be happening at one point at the same time...

Very suddenly it all stopped, and a couple of jets flew over us

'I wonder if it'll start again when they've gone past'  I jokingly said

It did... the lights began again, then stopped as more jets flew over, how strange? every time the planes flew over, the sky became cloudy and the lights stopped

What was this some kind of 'Trueman Show' ?

We watched the lights for a whole hour, though it felt like a lifetime, we felt 'elated', exhausted, buzzy - to be honest I dont remember 'when' we decided to crawl into our 2 man tent and go to sleep?

As soon as we got into bed we heard rustling around the tent! What was that!

My partner opened the tent and ran out shouting to scare whatever it was away!

It was a pack of wild horses around the tent! They galloped off in full Rhiannon Welsh Celtic tale style...

And can you actually believe, that we would be able to go to sleep after all that...?

We awoke in the morning to a 'guy' ? in a white boiler suit, protective headgear and a Geiger counter machine that was buzzing - What the hell!

He said he was writing an article for a Mystery magazine? We explained what we'd seen the night before

When we got to the part about the single light splitting into 3 he gasped

'You saw those?'

He explained he believed, they were 'doorways' to different dimensions, so our feelings of our partners disappearing could have been correct?  Who knows?

Later we went back down the hill asking the folks in the pocket of houses below, if anyone had seen anything?...No one had seen a thing!

We were truly 'spaced out' - we decided to stay another couple of days.  Getting the short straw, I went to get more supplies, from the supermarket 2 miles away.

That was a weird experience going into a bright shop, the music playing, it was like I was still on another planet!

We didnt see the lights again.

On returning home, it took us weeks to come back down to Earth!

I still dont know to this day, what this experience was all about? I've written songs and painted pictures to try and make some sense of it, but that's why they're called Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOS for short, cos none of us know, yet

The main thing I got from all this, is that anything is possible in this universe, we know so little - we sometimes cannot explain the things we 'see'

I've had other incredible experiences in my life such as 'A foot between Two Worlds' but it's about the messages I've got from them...

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