Tin Pan Alley

All over again

Jezz Woodroffe 1985

It must be a 'thing' nowadays, actors who say yes to a movie deal (Black Widow) to be shown specifically in 'theatres' - then cos Disney decide to put it out on Disney+...

But hey 'you didnt specify that in your original contract?! so the actor/tress doesnt receive from that pot?

And so it is with music, and if you happen to be with a huge band (um what were they called?...Black something?)

The same applies when you bring out remasters, even named on the new shiny remastered albums, recorded, played, toured, wrote, etc - and yet, nothing just the sound of crickets?

Hold on was it (Black Abbots?) as my hubby was introduced as playing with once

Oh that wasnt in the contract a million years ago was it, and of course the contract didnt talk about downloads cos they wernt even invented then!

How can you put something into a contract if you cant even imagine it? Cos it's from the future - ahem why not a contract for 'any use of' And I'm not even a bigwig lawyer

That would be fair right?

What other industry could get away with such blatant robbery? It's not even about the money, but seriously, why should’nt musicians get paid across the whole board for what they've done and achieved? It's the respect for equally talented musicians, why is it okay to not acknowledge this?

My great great (maybe more great) grandfather transcribed, wrote music such as 'Among My Souveniers', 'Happy days are here again' - went to the old Tin Pan Alley, aka Denmark Street, to sell his songs, ripped off by the 'publisher' agent who renamed his songs as his own!

Or, so its said, in the family grapevine, but of course no one can prove it, but it seems, even if his name was on it, it wouldnt make a happeth of difference?

So I've always sought justice, it's in my DNA

Spotify? It's okay cos it's not Radio? as specified in contracts - oh yes this is the new game, it's the only place where you can get your new music heard? but dont give up your day job?

I'm not angry, no really, it's too ridiculously ridiculous to even care, I'm just telling it like it is, just reporting

Meanwhile Google/Facebook/Youtube is sewing everything up so you cant even share or own your own image/video, or use anyone else's - what is the difference with image copyright and music copyright I ask myself?

Yes of course, register music with PRS/PPL to protect spotify from paying you nothing? 

There is a music industry move, a petition to Boris backed by the musicians union, PRS etc (publicised by musicians such as Paul McCartney, Kate Bush and other famous faces) towards this whole unfairness, that Spotify IS the new Radio! so thank you for that crusade! - heres a link to an article in The Guardian

It's about time creative people were treated fairly. Just like any ‘normal' people lol, the fact that this statement makes sense is funny in itself, dont you think?

You'll only ‘get this' if you are creative, cos let's face it, who else would spend hours, days, weeks, even years, creating music just because they love it! it's in their DNA, crazy, passionate, thinking, people like me

Creativity is needed in this world of climate change, covid, it's the creatives that come up with new needed inventions of 'something' that cleans up plastic in oceans- I just hope its stated 'Any use of' in the 'patent' contract and cannot be brought out on Disney+

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