Just thinks

as they come...

My Mum coined the term:

just thinks as they come...

Somebody was talking about someone calling someone else a liar?

I didnt respond, I thought everyone knew it's a game, a marketing exercise? one extreme to the other? create drama while something else is decided

I thought everyone knew the form of control, (it began with church's and land) resulting in humans obviously believing, thinking is no longer required in this world. And everybody else will sort it for them?

In a simple term, I feel so sorry for kids not lucky enough to be brought up to put their rubbish in a bin? or to think of others? is that the only way, they think, they can express themselves in life?

If something hasn't worked before, why do it again? you're going to get the same results

Then theres the virus doubters, the climate change doubters, even though, take a sieve to the sea and get multitudes of plastic, why is it still being made? why are we able to mix freely again? and yes I've had the 2 vaccines, still not socialised outside my bubble, still distancing.

I've just put my plastic and paper recycling into a plastic bag to be taken?

Wheres the common sense? why cant we ban plastic globally? or heavily fine whoever for requiring plastic waste to be put in plastic, or using it?

Stop cutting down ancient hedges, trees that we should be protecting? their hasn't been a '100 metre or whatever it is' entry to that house for 400 years until it was 'updated'? and no one had an accident?

Why cant we have councils help the environment?

We need to higher our vibrations, evolve as humans, realise the drama in your life is a mirror

These things dont trigger me, cos I've released the emotions to paper, they're just thoughts as they come, cos some things need to be said, AND possible common sense solutions?

Money is not a bad boy, it 'should be' a friend, theres a lot of good that can be created with it, it's the system we work with, again brought in centuries ago to replace barter.

But know, money is a vibration, an energy, like everything else on the planet, you can attract or repel it depending on beliefs and triggers.  I understand that now completely, the way to clear your blocks is to work on those triggers, via the emotions, why, going within is making this planet a better place

You are not a 'bad person' if you have money, Bon Jovi has a soup kitchen for hungry people, I think that's an amazing example

Staying in a higher vibration, away from dramas, people who drain you, (it's ok to be around them but dont pitch a tent there), help others with money, but only when you can afford it otherwise you're not helping.  Self care first, put on your lifejacket first, why does it help, two of you floundering in the sea?

Our problems live on a low vibration, if you raise your vibration, problems will be solved.  I only know this because I was taught by the amazing metaphysical coach Joanna Hunter, when I lifted my vibration! Resulting in a few but small irritating ongoing problems that have been around for about a year! just resolving themselves?  I kid you not!

It was like I'd hit the plateau of zen

I've always been interested in metaphysical science, and I tend to believe in stuff that I personally have experienced, which is why I signed up to Joanna Hunters My Million Dollar Experiment this year. Heres a facebook link to Joanna

Its revealing, about ourselves mainly, I reccomend it, and I will be continuing to learn more when I can!

The way to grow is most definitely within, I reccomend it

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